14 February 2012

14 March 2010

We put the 'must' in moustache

As much as we love football games, we haven't been locked in a tailgating time warp for the past four months. We've actually just been too lazy to update the blog. So we'll catch you up on what we've been doing:

Celebrated Christmas...

Rung in the New Year Greek-style...

Discovered Los Angeles mountains and great hiking trails...

Got artistic for Stephen's homecoming...

Visited Solvang and Santa Barbara with friends...

Road trip-ed to San Francisco...

(Biking around town and across the GG Bridge, about 12 miles in all)

(visiting Austin's high school buddies in SF)

Taking the long way home on PCH
No this background is not fake (and neither is the wicked sick 'stache)

And most recently, hiked with Austin's dad in Topanga Canyon...

22 November 2009

Game On!

Saturday is for college football, and we spent this last one cheering on our new team, the UCLA bruins.

UCLA plays in the Rose Bowl, which sounds great until you realize that it's all the way across town. BYU's LaVell Edwards Stadium was just across campus, and there wasn't any traffic.

The drive wasn't bad though, and it gave us a chance to do some tailgating with our ward friends.
We got to use the grill that G&B gave us!

Of course we wore our new UCLA shirts for the occasion.

The student section was, well, different that at BYU. But our seats were pretty good.

The girls enjoyed the game from a little different perspective than the guys.

Games here are quite a bit different than in Provo, but we still had a great time. And it didn't hurt at all that UCLA won.

One question is still nagging us: If BYU plays UCLA, who do we cheer for?

15 November 2009

All Aboard!

"Why don't they have a subway in LA?" You ask.
Well they do! It's just not entirely done yet!

This week they completed the Gold Line extension from Downtown to East LA. As part of celebration they let everyone ride the new line for free on the first day.

Everyone else must have gotten word of the special because there was a loooooooong line to catch the new subway at Union Station. We waited 40 minutes.

And I thought LA traffic was limited to driving a car!

Enjoying the ride!

Technically it's not a true "subway" because it surfaces and travels at ground level for a couple miles. It's still pretty cool though.

Partying with the mariachi band at the East LA Civic Center!

Now they just need to extend the subway westward so we can ride. The current projected completion date for that end is 2030, so we might be waiting a while.

10 November 2009

Turkey Trot Training!

You don't wanna mess with this! We may not have the altitude advantage anymore, but we're a force to be reckoned with. Check out that stance. Yow!

01 November 2009

Fright Night Delight!

We've been laying low for the past few weeks, trying to stay on top of things at school. This last week brought Halloween and memories of last year's, which we spent with Greg and Brianna.

Now it's a new year, in a new city, with new friends!

We had some of them over earlier this week to carve pumpkins.

On Halloween we stayed inside and made caramel apples with some more friends, while passing out candy.

It's funny though; kids around here don't say "trick or treat" when you open the door. What's up with that?

02 October 2009

Bike Rides!

We have been enjoying a new hobby whenever Austin needs to take a break from school. We pack up our bikes, take them over to the beach, and ride as far as we want! Today we rode north for about 4 miles, and 4 miles back.